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Skincare Routine: Brighten & Revive Skin

Brighten & revive Skin

Get your glow back and revive dull, sallow looking skin.

  • Step 1

    Use Perfect Cleanse to wash away dirt, makeup and excess oil.

    Perfect Cleanse
  • Step 2

    Apply Vitablast C Scrub & Mask to exfoliate and resurface skin for a radiant, renewed glow.

    Vitablast C™ Scrub & Mask
  • Step 3

    Apply Vitablast C Serum 2.0 to boost radiance, help protect against environmental stressors and target dullness with 15% stabilized vitamin C.

    Vitablast C Serum 2.0

    Tip: Vitablast C Serum Pad is formulated with the same ingredients in an effective and convenient format!

  • Step 4

    For added lightweight hydration, apply Vitablast C Face Oil to give skin a radiant glow with 10% stabilized vitamin C.

    Vitablast C Face Oil
  • Step 5

    Finish by applying Vitablast C Moisturizer to boost radiance and target dullness with 10% concentrated, stabilized vitamin C.

    Vitablast C Moisturizer